Transportation Assistance

TransportationWhat types of Transportation Services are available?

WORK PASS – All WFNJ recipients who are participating in an approved work activity are eligible to receive monthly bus passes or daily tickets in order to get to their activity site.

GET A JOB, GET A RIDE! – NJ Transit provides one free monthly bus or rail pass to qualifying new employees who attain a job with one of NJ Transit’s Corporate Partners.

EXTENDED WORK PASS – WFNJ TANF recipients that are terminated from assistance due to employment are eligible to receive bus passes for 6 months.

“ROADS TO SUCCESS” Transportation Initiative PROGRAM

In addition to the above named programs, Mercer County Board of Social Services administers its own transportation initiative titled “Roads to Success.” Qualified TANF and some Post-TANF individuals may be eligible for these services. Each aspect of the “Roads to Success” program has its own eligibility requirements.

Outlined below are the features of this program

  • CAR REPAIR – Qualified participants that have a car in need of repairs to make it road ready, may be eligible to receive assistance.
  • OBTAIN DRIVER'S LICENSE – Qualified participants that have never had a valid driver’s license will be assisted in obtaining one.  Participants will be taught driving skills by a licensed driving school.  Participants must provide a valid driver's permit.
  • BUS OR RAIL TRANSIT PASSES – Qualified participants not eligible for assistance under any other program may be eligible for bus or rail passes.
  • RESTORATION OF DRIVER'S LICENSE – Qualified participants that have had their license suspended or revoked may receive assistance in paying fines and fees in order to restore their driving privileges.
  • INSURANCE PREMIUMS – Qualified participants that do not have automobile insurance may receive assistance under this provision.
  • EMERGENCY TRANSPORTATION SERVICES – Qualified participants may be eligible for emergency transportation services on a temporary basis to participate in a work activity or to attend work.  Requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis.