Child Support

Child Support

What is the Child Support and Paternity program?

The purpose of the Child Support and Paternity Program is to establish and enforce the support obligation owed by legally responsible relatives.  All residents of Mercer County are entitled to receive services from the Child Support and Paternity Program.  Families who receive WFNJ TANF benefits are generally required to cooperate in establishing paternity and obtaining child support.  Our staff is committed to improving the establishment of child support and paternity obligations of legally responsible relatives.

By using our services, you can avoid paying many legal fees related to the establishment and modification of child support and paternity orders.  For families that are not applying for or receiving WFNJ TANF benefits but who wish to pursue a child support case, our agency can provide location only services for a $6.00 fee.  Location services require a completed child support application.  Once the other parent is located, establishment of a support order is done through Family Division.  If location services are not needed and a family is not applying or receiving WFNJ TANF, an application for child support can be done directly with the Family Division of the Courts.

If your Mercer County child support order is three years old, you may request a review.  If our review finds that your current child support order is 20% below the State standard, we can complete an upward modification request for an increase on your behalf.  We can also help you obtain medical coverage or assistance in paying for such coverage.

What services does the Child Support and Paternity program provide?

  • Location Services
  • Paternity Services
  • Support Services
  • Medical Support Services
  • Monitoring Services Only ($25 Annual Fee)