Social Services

Social Services

What is the social service program?

Our Social Service staff works with individuals/families who are eligible for WFNJ TANF, WFNJ GA, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or have a limited income.  Emphasis is placed on social rehabilitation, crisis intervention and problem solving.

What types of social services are available?

ADULT PROTECTIVE SERVICES – provides social services to vulnerable adults residing in the community who are at risk for harm because they cannot adequately protect themselves.  Allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation of the elderly, blind or disabled are investigated by our staff and various services are provided to eliminate the risk.  Adult Protective Services are provided regardless of income.

ADULT SOCIAL SERVICES – provides services to elderly, blind or disabled adults in the community.  Services include assistance with housing, home health aides, and various support services.  This includes those who reside in Boarding Homes, Residential Health Care Facilities, and Rooming Houses.  Our staff also investigates any complaints received about these facilities and provides outreach services to those who reside in these facilities.

EARLY PERIODIC SCREENING DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT – provides comprehensive and preventive health care services for Medicaid enrolled children under age 21.

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE – provides assistance to prevent homelessness to recipients of WFNJ TANF, WFNJ GA and SSI.  Benefits include, but are not limited to: essential food, clothing, shelter and household furnishings; temporary rental assistance or back rent or mortgage payments; utility payments (such as heat, water, and electric); transportation to search for housing; and moving expenses.

FAMILY HOUSING INITIATIVE – provides permanent housing for all homeless WFNJ TANF families. Housing is provided and subsidized with temporary rental assistance. With the goal of assisting the family to eventually be able to afford the home without the rental assistance, intensive case management is provided to these families, exploring the barriers that may be holding the family back from becoming self-sufficient.

FAMILY PLANNING PROGRAM– provides information to all WFNJ TANF recipients or other interested individuals on the family planning resources available in the community.

HOMELESS HOTLINE – provides assistance for families and individuals in a homeless situation to be placed in a motel/hotel until the next business day, once per year. The program also provides services that link recipients with other emergency assistance programs for which they may be eligible.

WORK FIRST NJ PROGRAM – provides WFNJ TANF and WFNJ GA recipients with the opportunity to gain job skills, experience and education necessary to obtain employment. Support services are made available to recipients to permit them to take responsibility for full time employment and economic self-sufficiency for themselves and their families.

YOUTH ENVISIONING SUCCESS (Y.E.S.) PROGRAM – provides intensive case management for TANF recipients ages 18-24 years old.  Services include career exploration and planning with the goal of securing sustainable employment to allow youths to financially support themselves. The Y.E.S. program takes a holistic approach taking into consideration the many spheres of influence affecting participant's lives. A social worker provides participants with support and guidance through mentoring and coaching.