Our Pledge of Service & Core Values


  • To service you in a timely, courteous and efficient manner.
  • To provide you an opportunity to ask questions regarding benefits and programs or services that are available.
  • To answer any questions regarding benefits, programs or services and have the program explained to you in a manner that will help you understand program benefits and requirements.
  • To provide written notification if your benefits are reduced or discontinued.
  • To keep all the information you provide private and confidential.
  • To provide immediate and/or emergency assistance benefits where applicable. If you can demonstrate you are in immediate need when you apply, you have the right to immediate assistance while your application is being processed.
  • To offer you the opportunity to examine your case file in accordance with the Open Public Records Act.
  • To offer you a fair hearing if you disagree with any action taken on your case or the agency does not respond to your application.

Our Core Values

  • We are: A TEAM - Maximize Diversity
  • We are: A FAMILY - Family First
  • We are: LEADERS - We love and care for each other
  • We are: PROFESSIONALS - Meet / Exceed Expectations
  • We have: RESPECT – Follow the Golden Rule
  • We have: INTEGRITY –Do the RIGHT thing
  • We have: RHYTHM – In order to hit our stride
  • WE WILL SELFLESSLY SACRIFICE - The Customer & The Agency come first
  • WE WILL TRANSFORM - Adaptive/Cohesive/Resilient
  • WE WILL PLAN - Early & Often to stay in rhythm
  • SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT S.T.O.P.P. - Stop. Think. Observe. Plan. Proceed.