Who We Are

Mercer County Board of Social Services is committed to providing economic and social services to individuals and families residing in Mercer County based upon financial need.

Our Building

The Mercer County Board of Social Services (MCBOSS) has been serving the citizens of Mercer County since 1932. It was established under the authority of New Jersey Statutes Annotated (NJSA) 44.

In New Jersey, public assistance programs are federally funded, state supervised and county administered. Therefore, county boards of social services are true intergovernmental agencies accountable to all three levels of government. This is an inherently demanding task given the varying focuses and mandates of the different government entities.

Federal law and state statutes require that the care of the poor be removed from the often conflicting interests of the political arena. This intention has been clearly illustrated in several ways. For example, the Hatch Act limits employees’ political activities. Additionally, staff positions are required to be part of the Merit System under the Civil Service Commission along with the establishment of an autonomous board.