Submit a Reapplication or Interim Report

Food Assistance - Submit a Reapplication


  • You can submit your reapplication for SNAP either in person at the Mercer County Board of Social Services or online at
  • If you submit your application online you will be contacted and given an appointment for a phone interview.
  • For additional information, call 609-989-4320, Menu Option 1, 1

Interim Report

  • An Interim Report Form (IRF) is required for all SNAP cases certified for 12 or 24 months.
  • You will have approximately 30 days to complete and return your IRF. You can mail it in the envelope that was enclosed or you may return your IRF in person to the Mercer County Board of Social Services.
  • Be sure to complete your IRF in its entirety including signature.
  • Include any verification of changes that you’re reporting on your IRF.
  • For additional information, call 609-989-4320 Menu Option 1, 3.